Playground for children

Easy to transform, safe and environmentally friendly, compact, requires less than 0.4 m2 of storage space

Free Shipping to all EU countries included.

Multifunctional sports and gaming soft platform BIOM

it is suitable for playing, rest, physical and intellectual development. Produced in EU.

STORY GAME - Fantasies are promoted not only by forms, but also by colourful applications. Games develop imagination, reduce child's anxiety of difficult or unknown situations.

PHYSICAL DEVELOPMENT - Hills, stairs, inclined planes, massage paths, obstacle courses, balancers - this is not a complete list of equipment that is enclosed in the sports ground.

INTELLIGENCE - Develops spatial imagination, helps development of fine motor skills, emotional intelligence, logical thinking and creative abilities.

REST – Can be used as a furniture, for example, as a chaise longue or as a sofa

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