Настольная игра - board game Laundry Day


Laundry day is a colourful game where you need to pair up socks after laundry.
We will be choosing the socks for the friends from foreign countries!
Paired up socks: Myth or reality?

You are probably asking yourself this question! And yes! It is a reality! Every single patterned sock has a pair and this pair belongs to a one of the characters in the game! How to do it? Each player receives one character card. These characters come from six different foreign countries and dressed in national outfits. The object is to find four pairs of socks matching the pattern on your character’s dress. To win you will need to find all four pairs in three rounds of the game using one hand only! Pick a sock! If you need a challenge in this game ask for all four pairs of socks to have different toe and heel color. And the socks still have to match the pattern on the national dress! There are six different cultures from different parts of the world and six different patterns from those cultures: Indian, Japanese, Mexican, Arabian, African and Russian! There is plenty of choice and topics for conversation!

Need another game variation?
You can spend a lot of time sorting out socks! Play classic memory game by placing the cards face down on the table.

Who is this game for?
For a family with preschool kids
For those who works with kidsFor you can take this game with to a party

In the box:

  • - 60 sock cards with different socks (30 pairs)
  • - 6 charachter cards
  • - game rules

Age: 4+

Time: 15

Players: 2 - 6

Box, cm: 12,5x9,5x2,8

Weight,gr: 179

Рекомендуемый возраст: 4

lwh: 90x120x30 mm

Weight: 200 g

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